Chris Cushing

Colorist & Stylist


Chris Cushing has been a ‘go to’ stylist in Washington for over 25 years. He loves the Georgetown ambience and energy and gets inspiration from everything he sees in his chosen home town.  He enjoys many longtime clients, and truly enjoys making his new clients in to new friends. His true passion is learning what works for you and then creating the best look possible for daytime or evening; whether for work or just relaxing.  Mixed in to that daily mix he handles the needs of personalities, models or dignitaries—from the DC scene or from out of town--- helping them to look their best for a  big DC event. Chris has been featured in publications as widely varied as W Magazine, Allure, USA Today, and the Washington Post, speaking about the profession he enjoys so very much.


 *Hours vary - here one week a month.  Call salon for appointments*